Reborn 40R Review by Aquaholic

“It’s a really sleek day boat, weekender, or even a super yacht tender!”


This is a Reborn 40R, it’s Dutch-built, and it is a really sleek day boat or weekender or even super yacht tender, but a very, very nice-looking piece of kit.

A couple of things to mention on the outside: first is this is a painted finish, so you can have this in whatever colour you want. The other thing to mention is just how low profile and sleek everything is. Everything is designed to be flush, even the anchor on the front. You can see it completely disappears, and then when you operate it, it opens and the whole mechanism then tilts out, drops into place, and then you lower the anchor. But with everything put away as it is at the moment, it just looks fantastic.

These little fellas here are to hang fenders onto, so they just slot into here, clip in. If you come back here [starboard side], the water filler, the fuel filler, even the cleats are all flush. That is a good-looking boat.

If you come right back here [starboard aft], look at the way this sort of swells as it comes back. It’s a very, very smart bit of kit. In fact, let’s go right around the other side [port side], and you’ll see it a bit better because it’s away from the pontoon. Cool, huh?

“This is a painted finish, so you can have it in whatever colour you want.”

Exhaust down here [transom]. Now what’s interesting is normally on the outside of a hull, you can see it on this boat here [boat next to the Reborn 40R]. You can see the drains, and they’re usually for things like water drains for rainwater runoff or maybe sinks, all that sort of stuff. However, there are none on the outside of this [Reborn 40R], and the reason for that is because they drain or come out through the exhaust so it’s a super clean look.

There’s a bathing ladder that extends out of the swimming platform. It’s hydraulic so you just push a button and it extends out and drops into the water. And then you’ve got this carbon fibre shower here [transom] before you come out from swimming. Fantastic!


Let’s step on board and I’ll show you a bit more. Now what they’ve done is put a walkway through on either side. Now check out this super aerodynamic carbon fibre enzyme pole. Look at this, it’s like an airplane wing.

And another neat thing, it’s only a small detail, but it’s a good one, is you see we’ve got the shore power here [starboard mooring cleat], and it connects there [starboard aft shore power access hatch], and you think, well, that’s great, but what if the shore power’s on the other side [port]? Not a problem, they fitted it on both sides.

Flush speaker grills [located next to the port aft shore power access hatch], and the other thing that we’ve got down here—I love this carbon fibre detailing in places like this [cup holders], you’ve got cup holders, which you might expect, but you’ve also got bottle holders here for your champers, and these are actually refrigerated, so when your champagne is in there or your wine or whatever you’re keeping in there, it keeps it cold.

There’s a nice seating area in around here [saloon]. You’ve got the leaves on the table which lift up to make this a big dining area. The canopy on this one is in the Bimini mode at the minute, so we’ve got open sections all the way around. Of course, these in-fill, you can see the zips on them, so you can infill those and also then put a section in to enclose the whole cockpit.

And then, if we come over here [port], we’ve got the galley area. So on this side [port], we have the hob and we have the ice maker. And then on the other side [starboard], we’ve got storage, but also a cutlery drawer and that kind of thing. And then in this one [above the drawer] is the sink, and that [faucet] then pulls out. And what’s nice with this [covers], of course, this stops it from splashing to the sides, which is rather cunning. There we go.

“This boat features impressive carbon fibre detailing”

Let’s head on forward a little bit further, these little discs around the place are low-level lighting. And then we’ve got the helm on this side [port]. It’s all a glass cockpit, so engine instrumentation, navigation, everything is all displayed on these. You can see how that is all lighting up.

So this one [left monitor] is showing engine instrumentation, and this one [right monitor] is showing the operating system for the boat. So we can go to navigation, we can go into lighting, we can go into electrics, all that kind of thing—All very good.The Fusion Stereo is also located here, as well as the engine controls, and this one’s on IPS so it has an IPS docking station.

There’s lift bolster and if we spin on around, we’ve got a similar sort of thing on this side [starboard]. So these are just big forward-facing seats for sort of four or five people across there. Lovely!

This is all carbon fibre here [hatch on the starboard forward-facing seat], it opens like so. Even on the inside, the detailing on this is fantastic.

So it’s got fire suppression but you’ve got manual overrides [located next to the starboard forward-facing seat], so it should set off automatically. If it doesn’t, you can get it setting off automatically.

I haven’t told you yet, that [under the hob] isn’t an ice maker, I just realised that the ice maker is actually in there [under the helm seat]. It’s not switched on at a minute, so I don’t know why I’m showing you the inside of it, but there we go. So that’s the ice maker [under the helm seat], and that is a fridge [under the hob]. And then on this side [under the starboard forward-facing seat] is a storage.


So that is basically just a massive day space, look at that, absolutely huge, a brilliant day out on the water. However, there is a bit of accommodation as well, and it’s down here. It’s air-conditioned, it’s heated, and what you have is a nice little—well, quite a big sleeping area, in fact.

There’s a seat down here [port] as well. That operating system we saw, is actually repeated down here [above the TV]. Also, TV is here [across the bed], there’s a microwave in here [next to the operating system]. You’ve got a fridge and interestingly, a water filler in here [port]. That’s storage again up there [overhead cabinets], and that’s dotted around obviously all over the place.

And then the other thing we have here, we’ve got a hatch overhead for a start, that’s got the bug screen at the minute, but you can slide that the other way and have a night screen.

Over here [starboard] is a hanging locker, and in here [starboard of the stairs] is the heads. That’s a wet room and there’s a shower that pulls out of here [sink faucets]. There’s a little sink in here, a storage underneath and a mirror.

“The operating system can be controlled through an app on your phone, allowing you to remotely set up the air conditioning, fridges, ice maker, etc.”

So that is the interior. Now, the interesting thing about this operating system is that you can have an app on your phone and operate it all from there. So when your plane lands and you are 20 minutes from the boat, you can dial into that and you can set on the air conditioning, you can set up the fridges, you can set up the ice maker, so when you arrive, everything is cool and ready to go. Battery switches are here [next to the steps]. It’s nicely done, isn’t it? It’s not a cheap boat, but you do feel that in the quality as you go around it.


Now, I mentioned that the control systems are all on an app, and I’m going to ask this gentleman over here, “Could you hit the button for me? Thank you very much!” because he’s got the app on his phone. It’s a bit James Bond, isn’t it? *The engine access cover opens at the transom.* “Perfect, thank you!”

So these are a pair of D6 IPS 650 engines. They’re 480 horsepower each, and they’re giving the boat 43 knots flat out. Cruising, therefore is in the 30s, no problem at all.

And the range on this one is actually pretty decent, about 400 miles. So it’s got some fairly decent legs. In fact, this one, which we’re showing you at the boat show in Southampton currently, was sailed across from Amsterdam only a couple of days ago. It took about 16 hours and they did it in one hit, so that’s pretty impressive!

The other impressive thing is, although this is on the IPS, you can have outdrives if you’d prefer, and you can have water jets. So you’ve got quite a lot of configuration depending on how you want to use the boat. Water jets, for example, will give you really shallow water operation. The IPS gives you incredible manoeuvrability. It just depends on what you want. Outdrives are great for performance.

“The boat is powered by a pair of D6 IPS 650 engines, each providing 480 horsepower, allowing for a top speed of 43 knots and comfortable cruising in the 30s.”

The generator lives down here as well, you can see it just down there, and then we’ve got obviously things like the bilge pump and the hot water tank. That is a rather nice engine room. Fantastic!


I’m gonna come back up to the helm, I’m going to say a massive thanks to Reborn Yachts from Holland for letting me on this one and giving me a good tour of it so I can show you guys. Huge thanks, of course, to you guys for watching. Let me know what you think of that one in the comments, and we’ll catch you on another one of these real soon. Take care, bye.

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