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2019 Grady-White Freedom 325

  • Dealer Used
  • 31.17 ft (31.17 m)
  • Fibreglass / GRP / Composite
  • Location: Queensland (QLD)
A$587000 *Sail Away

Dual Console Description

A dual console boat, also known as a dual console bowrider, is a type of powerboat that features two separate helm stations or consoles. These consoles are typically positioned on either side of the boat’s cockpit or bow area. Each console typically has its own steering wheel, instrument panel, and controls.

The dual console design offers several advantages. It provides separate areas for the driver and passenger, allowing for better visibility and comfort. It also allows for easier movement around the boat, as passengers can access the bow area without disturbing the driver or other passengers.

Dual console boats are popular for recreational boating and are often used for activities such as water skiing, tubing, fishing, and cruising. They often have seating areas in the bow and aft, as well as storage compartments for gear and equipment. The versatility of dual console boats makes them suitable for various water activities and appealing to boaters who value both performance and comfort.