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2006 Maritimo M52

  • Dealer Used
  • 52 ft (52 m)
  • Fibreglass / GRP / Composite
  • Location: Perth
A$784000 *Sail Away

Maritimo M52 Description

The Maritimo M52 – History, Performance and Layout

Although America is famous for its muscle cars, Australia has become the leader for offshore flybridge cruisers. Led by the likes of Maritimo, it has been demonstrated that long range luxury cruising offshore doesn’t simply require big engines and fuel tanks but Maritimo’s ingenious designs and refinements that have made its models stand out from the crowd.

The Maritimo M52 achieves this by being strong, unshaken by any wave. The aramid hull (kevlar reinforced) provides a robust base for the build. The single moulded liner which sits into the hull, doubles the reinforcement and holds the key to their layout success. From the well spaced cabins and walk ways, to the fully accessible engine room, the liner shows it all. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to walk through the factory, you can see these in mid build, which is the best way to see the real value of this premium brand built boat.

A History of the Maritimo M52

The M52 came from the overwhelming success of its predecessor, the M60. No one, not even Bill Barry- Cotter, expected his Maritimo 60 to take off the way it did.

Once he had sold his previous company being Riviera, he decided to build the boat he’d always wanted for himself and so released the M60 at the Sydney International Boat Show in 2004. Sales immediately took off, with filling the Hope Island factory order book for more than 12 months. The overwhelming success meant, a new purpose built factory was required and so was built in Coomera, right opposite his former factory. The launch of the M60 was further greeted with the Boat of the Year award for its overall innovation and design.

A year down the track, launching off the success of the M60, the Maritimo 52 came into creation. Like déjà vu, orders were came in thick and fast from buyers across Australia. The 52 shares the same hull shape as the 60, only scaled down proportionally. The boat loses just seven feet in length and four inches in the beam and still retains the nine-degree shaft angle of the 60 without having to use tunnels.

When you step onboard the M52 and it’s very similar to the M60. There are a few small changes like the two-door fridge in the galley, but generally it feels very much the same. The difference in size only becomes very apparent when the two boats are put side by side.

The Maritimo 52 Layout

Many of the useful features that caused the M60 to win fans and accolades, have been built into the 52, such as the galley sliding pantry and aft glass doors between the cockpit and the saloon that give direct access to the galley.

One of my favourite interior features is the lift up bed in the main cabin, which features a step down to a large storage area, drawers at the sides and the LOA recorded for when memory fails. The bathrooms feel spacious, they have similar fittings to the M60 including designer glass basins and useful storage spaces.

At the lower helm station there’s a sliding door giving access to the starboard side deck, key to docking especially when docking solo.

The fully enclosed flybridge features lounge seating, drinks fridge, wet-bar and a TV making it a very comfortable place to relax. Air circulation is made possible with the sliding side window next to the helm the centre windscreen section can be opened up forward.