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2011 Chris Craft 28 Corsair

  • Dealer Used
  • 29.5 ft (29.5 m)
  • Fibreglass / GRP / Composite
  • Location: Sydney
A$199000 *Sail Away

Corsair 28 Description

We drove it like we stole it. Throttles for the twin fuel-injected 300hp Volvo Penta V8 petrol engines were virtually kissing the dash, the sporty timber wheel was gripped tight in our hot little hands, as wind buffeted the shades that formed part of our disguise. This was a fast getaway in one of the most desirable dayboats in downtown Sydney.

But as if that wasn't enough, having outrun the authorities, we hit the rocker for the Corsa switchable exhaust. This redirects the V8s' duet from underwater to straight out the hull sides – the nautical equivalent of a burnout and twin-engine salute. Now you can hear our new 2011-model Chris-Craft Corsair 28 coming or, rather, going!

Of course, Chris-Crafts have always commanded attention. The iconic American company made varnished mahogany raceboats in the 1920s that soon after became the preferred playthings of the rich and famous. Then they cast a wider net by building these same timber boats on an assembly line. Chris-Craft chased the middle class with a slogan that promised “a piece of the good life”. In 1935, a 15ft5in Utility could be bought for $US406.
But the heyday was yet to come. In the 1950s, when more-powerful petrol engines arrived, Chris-Craft hit new heights. John F. Kennedy, Katharine Hepburn, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley are but a few of the Hollywood greats who jumped aboard. At one point, the boatbuilder offered 159 different models and more than 100,000 classic Chris-Craft's were built in that go-fast age.

As testimony to their outstanding quality, there are still some 15,000 timber Chris-Crafts kicking about today. The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club (see has thousands of members and a worldwide register for its collectible craft. Such is the owners' passion that the boats have been commemorated by way of gold jewellery and featured in movies such as The Dirty Dozen, On Golden Pond, and The Sopranos.

But the pivotal moment was when Chris-Craft turned its hand to making fibreglass boats. Thankfully, the production efficiencies didn't destroy the marque's zeitgeist. The classic lines, teak trim and brightwork were retained. Only performance was ramped up as petrol engines evolved further with fuel-injection systems giving greater horsepower and better power-to-weight. And maintenance was lessened.

Meantime, Chris-Craft changed hands a number of times. In 2000, then owners Outboard Marine Corporation fell into bankruptcy and Genmar bought the badge. A year later, the American marine multinational (itself now defunct) unloaded Chris-Craft to investment group Stellican, where it remains today. Ironically, it's in the hands of these UK owners that Chris-Craft has regained traction. There are now 16 models on offer from 20 to 36ft. CEO and president of Chris-Craft, Stephen Heese, who lived in Newport with his Australian wife for many years, is ramping up the range with a new IPS-powered 45-footer on the drawing board.

NEW ENGINES in 2021! Here is your opportunity to get into that dream boat you’ve been picturing but without the mechanical management and expense that is normally required on a boat of this age. With brand new motor and drives fitted in 2021 this Chris Craft 28 Corsair only has 13hrs on the clock and is ready to give her new owner another 10 years of enjoyment!

Aside from the new motors this boat has a beautiful gold coloured hull which really stands out among the sea of blue Chris Crafts on the water and with full teak decks, additional sun lounges and having lived under a full boat cover her entire life this boat will turn your weekends into a new version of awesome.