The Easiest Way to Transport Your Boat

We often get questions about what is the easiest way to transport a boat because we have so many marketplace listings across different states. What many people don’t realise is that is it really easy to buy a boat interstate & have it transported with a number of companies offering local or interstate boat haulage. 

Boating is one of Australia’s leading pastimes with just over 2 million people holding a boat license. There are more than 915,000 registered boats across the country with a little over 230,000 in New South Wales. 2020 saw more than 10,000 boat registrations which are expected to increase in 2021 as more people find new things to do locally either by road or on the water.

Can you transport a boat without a trailer?

Quite a lot of boats are either too large to move on a standard trailer, are kept at marinas or on a berth in the water. If you are considering buying a boat that is already in the water, it doesn’t mean you have to hire or buy a trailer to have it moved.

Of course, the more costly option would be to drive it to a local marina and have it lifted out of the water to then be prepared for transport by road to your chosen destination. Although in many cases it means double handling as well as various marina fees. 

Many people do buy a trailer but that has its own associated costs & in lots of cases we see the boat sitting in the driveway not being used at all. By having it in the water it is one less thing to be worried about & you are a step closer to getting onboard and enjoying a day on the water too.

The most cost effective solution to move your boat without a trailer is to use a company like Slip Away Boat Transport who provide a unique service that can pick your boat up from a boat ramp, taking it straight out of the water & moving it where you need to go.

They call it float on, float off boat transport and for good reason as you literally just pull up to your local boat ramp where they will meet you & then do all the hard work to get your boat out of the water.

Can you buy a boat interstate and transport it?

We know some people find boats in our marketplace listings that are located interstate but think it may not be possible or too difficult to buy them from so far away. Although, it is quite the opposite, buying a boat interstate has never been easier. There are lots of options to have it re-located which can include driving it down (depending on the type of boat) but the more time & cost effective way is to have it transported by road.

There are a number of boat transport companies that can do boat haulage across Australia where they pick up boats from private sellers, dealers or marinas. 

Can you move a boat to enjoy different locations?

For the more serious boating enthusiasts they will move their boat from one location to another during the year so they can take advantage of different weather, local activities or even fishing seasons.

Rather than taking the risk of trying to drive a boat on the open ocean & adding unwanted engine hours, you can have it transported by road from one location to another. Getting float on and float off transport is the easiest way to do this because you don’t need to own your own boat trailer but you still get access to hundreds of locations.

Transport your boat for servicing

The other more practical reason for wanting to transport your boat is to have servicing work done, maintenance or even upgrades. Getting a hull antifouled or engines serviced are the most common things most owners need to have done while others will do restorations or even replace things like windscreens or other items damaged by the elements.

Transporting your boat by road makes getting any of these things done really easy and you have the benefit of choosing a mixture of service providers to carry out the work as the boat can be moved from one to the other as needed.

So as you browse our marketplace listings don’t be afraid to have a look at what is available in other states because these days it is simple to have your boat transported from a boat ramp, marina, dealer or private seller no matter where they are.

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