Terra Nauta 30 Yacht Tour By Aquaholic

“A quirky little boat from Croatia”


This is a Terra Nauta 30, they build these in Croatia and it’s got that really kind of Mediterranean vibe to it. You see a lot of boats of this sort of style, but this one’s also been fitted with outboard engines so it’s actually quite a quick boat. With these twin 250s, you are looking at close to 40 knots, although of course, you can have it smaller engines or you can have a single engine if you prefer. But this is quite a high spec boat, so it’s got the big ones on it. But yeah, it’s a cute looking boat actually and we’re going to take a quick tour and we’re going to show you what this one’s all about.


So we’re going to step on here [swim platform]. We’ve got the bathing platform across the back, and it’s one of those boats that you feel very much like you’re in rather than on because it’s quite deep-sided. You got deep seating around here [stern], table there which will drop down, it’s on a telescopic leg. And then we’ve got the bar area here [forward of the seating area], so this is giving us things like the sink. We’ve also got Barbecue on this side [starboard], and then there’s the fridge underneath. One thing I’ve noticed is that all of these are double skinned so that on the inside it’s got that smooth same sort of appearance that you have on the outside and it’s the same with these doors [locker doors] if you look in these lockers here, it’s a similar sort of deal. So there’s a locker there [starboard] and then there’s another one over on this side [port] as well.

This one’s got the Bimini top on it, but what you can do is you can enclose this whole area so there are sort of screens that come in or curtain scroll and what you will that go all the way around so you can enclose this area or of course you can take all off and have it completely open. And you got this neat sort of little mast in the middle like this, excellent! Let’s press on a little bit further.

Helm is here [forward starboard] we’ve got the drop bolster seats. So, plenty of room for people to sit there and then here we’ve got the traditional wooden wheel, we’ve got the engine controls, Fusion High-Fi Multi-function display, bow thruster control, and just to prove that it is a Mediterranean boat—we’ve also got the ashtray. When was the last time you saw an ashtray on a boat? Fantastic!

“With these twin 250s, you are looking at close to 40 knots.”

And then we can step up here [starboard decks], there’s two steps up that takes us over to the foredeck. There’s a big wide flat foredeck and there are sunbathing cushions around here, that’s why it’s got these little black clips all the way around so that it clips down onto there. But this is a lovely area, I like the stainless steel trimmed hatch on the front, we’ve got the electric anchor winch of course and then the bollards. But it’s very much the sort of very rounded organic feel that you tend to get to these sorts of boats. Let’s have a look back from here [bow angle], there we go. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?


All right, we’ll wander down this side [port decks] I’ll take you down and show you the interior and like the rest of the boat, it’s all pretty simple and straightforward really. So, what you’ve got is a dinette in the bow and that will convert to make a double bed. So, the table goes down on that telescopic leg, then you can add infill cushions and away you go.

Little Galley down here as well. So, you’ve got the single burner hob, you’ve got the sink, there’s a microwave up there [above the sink], and then we’ve got the fridge down there [below the stove] as well, bits of storage about the place [below the sink]. Plenty of speakers around the place as well. It’s got a Fusion High-Fi System in this one. Toilet is over here [starboard]. Again, all pretty simple. There’s a shower, so that becomes like a wet room. You can see the drain down in the corner and there’s a bit of storage underneath the sink for the cleaning gear.

We’ve got a TV up on this bulkhead and then if we look down underneath there’s a big bed—2M long apparently and that there is the infill cushion that goes on the table and that I think is the foredeck sunbathing cushions. It’s quite nice isn’t it? It’s a nice little boat.

“It has a small galley with a microwave, sink, fridge, and plenty of storage.”

Another thing to mention actually is the headroom because in this area here [interior], it’s got about 2M of headroom, look at that. That’s pretty good. It drops as you go forward of course because this is where the windscreen comes down, so down here you got a little bit less but that’s absolutely fine because that’s where you sat down. Brilliant!

Lots of storage about the place, it’s just a nice little Med boat isn’t it? Really great weekender, great day boat. A couple could take this away for a week with no problem at all. In fact the layout of this is very similar to my own boat. 


Fantastic! Simple quick tour that one. I don’t think there’s much more to tell you really. So I’m going to come back up here [main deck], I’m going to go back up onto the bow. I love the stainless steel work on this screen, that’s pretty cool! I’m going to wander up here and I’m going to say a massive thanks to Terra Nauta, they actually stopped me as I walked passed at the Boat Show and said “You’re going to love our boat, come have a look at it” so I did and I thought it was worth a little video. Let me know what you think of that one and we’ll catch you on one of these real soon. Take care. Bye-bye!

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