Pirelli 42 Yacht Tour By Aquaholic

“An awful lot of fun on the water


This is a Pirelli 42, and what this also is, is an awful lot of fun on the water. It’s a brilliant high-performance day boat and weekender. It’s just a great blast to go out and have a great time with your friends or your family.

So, I’m going to give you a quick tour of this one. We’ve got sunbathing on the back here. What you can do with this is you can extend it by moving this [sunbathing back rest]. You can see it’s like a cantilever there, so the whole thing can just be lifted and pushed forward so that you’ve got a larger sunbathing area.

These tables [cockpit table] will drop down; they’re on telescopic legs, so they’ll come down and make this into some bathing area as well if you wish. And then finally, you can move this backrest [cockpit backrest], similar sort of deal. You can drop it to the opposite side, and then you’ve got forward-facing seating when you’re underway.

“It’s a brilliant high-performance day boat and weekender.”

Now, when you’re not underway and you’re stopped in the bay and you’re partying, you’ve got plenty of refrigeration. So, this bar area here [forward of the seating area], we’ve got a small fridge, a huge fridge full of wine, another fridge underneath, and an ice maker. And then you’ve also got the sink and the barbecue [on each side of the bar area], and you’ve got this rail [all over the bar area] to hang onto as well, which is really helpful when you are running at speed.


Talking of running at speed, this is the helm [forward of the bar area]. So, we’ve got three seats across here; there’s lift bolsters on all of them. Just lift, and then push forward —that’s how they work. So, you can lean against those or you can sit on those.

Then the helm is here [forward of the helm seats]. It’s all glass cockpit, so everything is controlled through these screens [multi-function screens]. We’ve got joystick on this boat; it’s on outdrives, so we’ve got joystick control for those. Throttles, and ignition controls for the engine are also here. We’ve got the hardtop on this one as well, so you’ve got a bit of shelter and shade there at the helm. 

“There’s a button on the multi-function screens that allows you to automatically open the engine cover at the back, revealing the engine compartment.”


Let’s wander right around to the front. This is a lovely area up here on the bow. So, we’ve got this [sun pad] for just really chilling out. Put your head against that, sit facing forward, that’s a really nice spot. And you’ve got more seating right at the bow.

I mentioned it’s a Pirelli; look at the tire tread motif on here [hatch to the anchor winch], that’s pretty cool. And that one is the anchor winch, and the anchor drops down through there. And I think I’m right in saying that’s an ultra anchor, very nice. 

Let’s come back down this side [port]. It’s quite a sleek-looking machine from here [bow angle], isn’t it?

And then the other thing that we’ve got is the interior. These are pop-up cleats here [each sides of the boat near the helm], so if you want to use spring cleats, you can drop up like that. And again, with the tire tread motif around the place.


Let’s come right on round and step on in; this is basically for overnighting or getting out of the weather. You can have air conditioning in here, which would be fantastic on a hot day. You can then just come down here and just cool off a little bit.

There is a table underneath here [cushions]. It’s on a leg, and you can see it down there. So, that can be brought up so you can sit around the table. Or drop it down, and you’ve got sleeping area.

I like all the inset lighting in places like this as well; that looks really good. And we’ve got the little windows for a bit of ventilation as well.

And then back here is the toilet. It has a good standing headroom in here as well, actually. And the shower pulls out of there [next to the sink]. Pretty cool, huh? Excellent!


Okay, let’s spin around. The last thing to talk about is the engines, and there’s a button for that on these multi-function screens. And if I push it, you should see the engine cover at the back open, revealing the engine compartment.

So, let’s wander back here and I’ll show you what is under the “bonnet”, as they say. And what we’ve got is a pair of Volvo Penta D6 400 horsepower diesel engines. You’re looking at about 45 knots with those. It’s a properly quick boat, cruising there for 30 very comfortably indeed. And you’re looking at probably about 300 miles of range. But yeah, they are nice big meaty engines, aren’t they? They’re straight six, I think I’m right in saying 5.5 litres, and supercharged and turbocharged. So, not short of oomph, that’s for sure. Let’s jump that one [engine cover] back down.

“It has Volvo Penta D6 400 horsepower diesel engines and can reach a maximum speed of 45 knots…comfortably cruises at 30 knots.”


And I think that’ll do us. Let’s wander back up to the bow. I’m going to say a massive thanks to Swiss Yachting for organising that tour. Huge thanks to you all for watching. It’s an interesting boat, a lot of fun. Let me know what you think about that one on the comments, and we’ll catch you in another one of these real soon. Take care, bye-bye.

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