Palm Beach GT60 Review by Aquaholic

“Sleek and Fast Cruiser”

Credits: Nick Burnham


This is the Palm Beach GT60. This is the very first boat to be built and the first time it’s been seen here at the Miami Boat Show. So we’ll head onboard of this one and we’re going to do the full tour.

Now the first thing to mention is a tender garage that’s in here [under the aft deck]. Okay let’s head on board, the first thing we find is this cockpit area, there’s this big comfy seating area around this lovely polished teak table.

“There’s a tender garage under the aft deck.”

This [teak table] will actually drop, it’s on telescopic legs so you can bring that down if you want to and turn that into a sunbathing area. And then over here [across the cockpit area] there is the sink, you’ve got an ice-maker in there [underneath the sink] and then there’s storage here [next to the ice-maker], the glasses are in here [next to the storage] and then the fridge is over here [across the storage cabinet].

Okay, let’s head on inside because this I think is particularly beautiful. Look at that! How nice is that? These are really high-quality boats and it shows in here. So this is obviously your saloon area here with seating opposite and there’s a TV that rises up out of this unit [TV unit next to the seating]. Then the helm is up ahead.

Now, this is very much an owner-operator style of boat and what’s great about this is, we’re fully enclosed at the moment as you can see. However, there are some buttons here [screen] that one is the sunroof, so we can drop that back, that you might expect what you might not expect because look at the window over next to it and you can see we can drop that [window on the port side] one as well and there’s another one over on the starboard side and if that wasn’t enough, you could even drop the window right at the back and that turns this area into a really open space that works very well indeed. 

“You can easily turn the interior area from being fully enclosed into an open space just by dropping the windows open from the Helm station”

The other thing it does is it gives great access to this Helm Station. If you are short-handed, you can actually step very easily straight out onto the side deck. This has got the glass screen Garmin System and it’s a very nice carbon fibre finish in here and these lovely switches work very well.

Let’s head on down and take a look at the lower deck, that’s a wine cooler in there [underneath the helm seat over the port side], another seat over here [across the helm seat] obviously, so you can get three people sat across here [helm station] all very comfortably, Excellent!

So the galley is over on this side [lower deck] but I think, what we’re going to do is head right to the front and work our way back. So this is a two-cabin, two heads layout. So this one is your guest cabin. There’s storage under the bed here, up at the sides are all storage.

“This boat is a two-cabin and two-heads layout.”

There’s masses of room for all your kit and bits and pieces and there’s a hatch in here as well, you can see it up from underneath there [bed] and the wardrobe is in behind here [full-length mirror].

And the ensuite to this cabin, well that’s in behind here [door next to the mirror] and you’ve got a nice separate shower stall there and then a toilet itself in behind here [opposite to the shower stall], excellent!

And then the owner’s cabin, well that’s over on this side [across the ensuite], very nicely done. I love this dressing area they put in over here [next to the bed] and that’s a wardrobe in there next to it. Then this of course is a drawer-stand by the bed. So again, plenty of room for a longer cruise to be able to put personal items away. The TV is here [across the bed] and then over here [next to the TV] we have the ensuite to this cabin. That’s that one again with its separate shower stall, very nice indeed.

Let’s go and take a look at the galley that’s over here [next to the ladder]. So you’ve got your hob here [countertop] and the cooker’s here [underneath the hob], it’s a Miele cooker. Again, there are loads of storage in places like this and there are drawers here [below the sink] for your cutlery. Because it’s the actual Palm Beach cutlery, you can see that [Palm Beach logo engraved on cutlery] very easily, very nice! And next to that, that fella there is a dishwasher and these [cabinet doors] are more fridge units, in behind here [next to dishwasher]. A lot of that, you might expect, but what you won’t expect is what happens when we flip this catch here [flipping cabinet next to the fridge] because this whole area hinges forward and then behind here [flipping cabinet] is your washer/dryer. Excellent!

Okay, let’s go and take a turn around the decks, that’s definitely worth seeing and then we’ll finish up with the engine space and a little bit about the performance. Okay so, I’ll put my shoes back on and head up here [starboard side deck] They have these little logos put up on the side [wheelhouse exterior], you can see this big opening window and you can see what I mean about how you can if you wish, just step straight in through there to your helm, so when you’re short-handed, that works really well.

“If you are short-handed, you can access the Helm Station easily by stepping straight through the windows from the side decks.”

Let’s go right to the front [bow], I think this [bow area] really sums up this boat very well because look how beautifully curved it is, how stylish it is, and how clean it is. It’s almost no deck gear here at all, just a couple of cleats and that stainless steel plate which makes you wonder, where’s the anchor and the anchor handling kit? Well, if we open this one [chain locker], there it is. Now what it does is that the whole cradle tilts to 180 degrees electrically. So it stands in a position to drop the anchor when you need it or when you’re not using it and it comes back up into the cradle and the whole cradle swings back into that position then you close this [hatch] down and you’re good to go.

Then in here [chain locker] as well, you’ve got fender storage and you’ve got a freshwater tap for washing down. And look, even little areas like this [chain locker], they put teak on the floor. The detailing in this boat is incredible, very nice indeed. The other thing that we can do while we’re up here, is take a look back because this is what we’re seeing [view of the boat looking back from the bow]. Look at that! What a beautiful boat! There’s a massive one-piece windscreen they’ve put on it, fantastic!

“The detailing in this boat is incredible, even the chain locker got some teak flooring inside”

Let’s go have a look at the engine space. So back down this side [port side] again you can see that massive opening window and you can see that again, you can access this area  [helm station] through here [side deck] if you want to. Very, very good for short-handed boating, it means you can go boating with people that are not that interested in boating and take care of it yourself.

Okay, so the engine access is under the floor in here [saloon]. (I’ll slip my shoes back off.) You can access that from here [deck hatch in the saloon area] and again this is a really good example of the detailing that goes into this boat because this is quite a magnificent area. So, here is the engine space. It’s really big and look at the flooring here [teak laid].

“It’s got IPS Volvo Penta 1350 with 1000 horsepower each giving the boat an incredible 42 knots.”

As I say, the detailing is fantastic! You’ve got things like the rooting [of the fuel lines] which is absolutely perfect, you’ve got the twin Racor filters there so you can switch from one to the other if you get a blockage in one and carry on running.

These engines were the IPS Volvo Pentas they’re 1350, they are a thousand horsepower each and they’ve given the boat an incredible 42 knots. For cruise, it’s at 37 with a range of almost 500 miles and if you drop it back to 25, you’ll get over 600 and that is some distance for a fast boat.

“Cruise is at 37 knots with a range of almost 500 miles and if you drop it back to 25, you’ll get over 600.”

There’s a Fischer-Panda generator and then you’ve got things like your plumbing and so forth. Your battery switches on the back and that’s a really nicely laid out area. You might be wondering about these fellows here [electric actuators], they’re on both sides, the reason for that is if you’re doing some more major servicing rather than just engine checks, this whole section of floor [overhead] all the way around here right down there, that all lifts electrically. So if you want to get into these to do some proper servicing, you can get that [overhead] all up and out of the way and get everywhere, I think that’s brilliant.


Cool! Okay, let’s come back out of here. No crew area on this boat because it is an owner-managed boat. So we will finish off over here [saloon]. I’d like to say thank you to Palm Beach because they actually closed this boat off in the middle of a very busy Boat Show just so we could do a proper tour of it. So I’m really grateful to those guys and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I think it’s a magnificent boat. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you’ve not subscribed, do hit that subscribe button and little bell because we’ve got lots more coming for the Miami Boat Show. Thanks for watching! Take care, goodbye!

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