Interboat Intender 950 Cabrio Tour By Aquaholic

“A Funky dayboat”


This is an Interboat Intender 950 Cabrio. These are Dutch-built and it’s what they call a Sloop Styler boat, so that means the helm is right at the back, and it’s basically just a great picnic boat. You see a lot of these in the River Thames, people trundling up and down, taking their hampers and having a great time on the water. But actually, they put some surprisingly powerful engines in these as options, and it makes a pretty good coastal day boat as well.

“These are Dutch-built and it’s what they call a Sloop Styler boat.”


So, we’re going to do a quick tour on this one, won’t take very long. It’s a fairly open boat as you can see, but it’s an interesting one to have a look at. It’s a brand new model, I know that because it says “new model with exclamation mark” on the back.

We’ve got a little bathing platform, and a boarding ladder down there [bathing platform] as well, and then we’ll step on here [transom], and there’s a big sunbathing area on the back, that’s rather nice. There is storage underneath there [sunbathing area], so if I lift that one, it’s a bit full of boat show clutter, but you get the idea.


And then we’ll step on this way [port] and I will give you the full tour. So, as I say, think of it as a picnic boat, think of it as the kind of thing you load up with your friends or your family and you trundle out and just have a wonderful day pooting up and down the Thames or pooting along the Coast if you’re based down on the coastline.

What’s nice with these, is that, quite often if you look at a lot of boats, you have the helm up at the front, you stand there and everybody is behind you. But the beauty of these, and this is what I mean by a Sloop Style, is that you can sit here [helm seat located at the centre of the boat], you’ve got a great view out across the front, but you’re part of the party. So, when you’re sat here or stood here, all your friends and family are sat around you in front of you, and you are part of the conversation, which is really nice. It’s very, very sociable.

You’ve got this big yacht-style wheel here, this one’s got the multi-function display on it, throttle is up over on this side [starboard], and then you’ve got things like a fridge over here [starboard], a little bit of storage on this side [port], and a load more seating up around here [forward].

Now, we’ve got this canopy on at the moment, but this will all fold away if you wanted to. Also what you can do with it is you can put side sections in and a front section in, and then close all this. And in fact, there’s a Bimini back here as well, and again, there are options where you can connect these two together, you can put sides in all the way around if you want to. So, if you wanted to have this all enclosed, you could certainly do that. But it is the kind of boat that’s built for nice days, isn’t it?

“You can spend the night on board, because there’s a seat that turns into a bed forward of the boat.”

You can also have a windscreen at the front, so if you want a bit more protection for this area [forward seating, again, you can have that. This is just a bit of storage over here [port], like so, but also there’s storage underneath all of these [forward seating]. Just to give you an idea… [Nick opens the storage underneath the forward starboard seat.] There we go, you got big storage bins down underneath there as well. There’s stereo speakers in here [mounted below the forward seats], and there’s also a stereo mounted on the console.

And finally, although it is 95% an open boat, there is this little area up here [forward], where we’ll find a little loo, very important. But also, if you really wanted to spend the night on board, you could do because there’s a little seating area here, great to get yourself out of the weather if you needed to, for example. That’s an infill, and that will drop and that makes into a little double bed. It’s very cute, isn’t it?

There are also concealed lighting in behind here [backrest], which is nice, and a little reading light. You wouldn’t go away for a week on this, but you’d spend the night on it, wouldn’t you? Why not, especially if you’ve had a few too many pints at Henley, perhaps?


Okay, let’s come back out of here and talk about engines because that’s really quite interesting. If we come back here [helm], there’s a vast range of engines, they’re all shaft drive, but this one has got a 220 horsepower Volvo, they do various engines, I think Yanmar is quite a popular engine option in here. And with that engine, this is good for about 20 knots.

“She’s equipped with a 220 horsepower Volvo engine.”

I think they do a 320 horsepower option, and that’s good for 25 knots. You could water ski behind that. But at the other extreme, you can have a 52 horsepower engine, so if you’re on a river, for example, this would be completely pointless. A 52 horsepower engine will give you about sort of six, seven knots maybe, all you need, more than you need, and that’s great for pottering up and down the Thames, which these are very, very popular for.


But yes, put the bigger engine like that, and that makes it quite a serious coastal boat. Let’s drop that back down [engine access door]. There we go. That’s that stereo control on the side [mounted underneath the helm seat]. And that, I think, dear viewers is about that. It’s probably the shortest tour I’ve done today, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Huge thanks to Valwyatt Marine, they organise this tour, they’ve got this for sale. Huge thanks, of course to you guys for watching. Let me know what you think of that one, and we’ll catch you on one of these real soon. Take care, bye-bye!

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