Delphia 10 Sedan Review by Aquaholic

“Exciting Options”


This is a Delphia 10, it’s a 10 metre boat, so about 32 feet long, and they do some interesting options with this. This is an interesting, side door, so you can literally step straight onto the boat here and straight into the helm. Very, very useful for short-handed cruising, of course. We’ll head on back and give you guys the full tour.


Bathing platform on this one, and then we’ve got the canopies up at the minute because we’re having some very changeable weather. But all of this at the back comes off, so this is just canvas that goes around here [cockpit] and here’s the seating area [cockpit].


Now, I want to talk to you about the different versions that they do of this. This one is the sedan, so we’ve got a deck saloon here [port], sliding door here [main entrance], close all this off [sliding door], and you’re completely inside and then you go down to the lower deck accommodation.

But if you can imagine this [sedan version] with this galley made a bit shorter and a seat further back, and then all of these sides and roof gone, leaving just a windscreen as an open boat, you can have that or, you can also have it with the roof but without the sides.

” It is a 10-metre boat with three interesting options or versions.”

And that would make more sense if I show you this [brochure], because this [image of the first version] is the one we’re on, the sedan. That [image of the second version] is the completely open one, which they call the lounge. Which, as I say, is the same forward, and actually pretty similar at the back, but open and there’s no roof. And then the lounge top [image of the third version] has the roof but has the open sides. You can see on these ones [second version] how the galley, which is the full length here [first version] behind the helm, is made a bit shorter, and you’ve got access out.

So there you go, and you can have a one-cabin or a two-cabin version. The main difference is that you can separate off the shower in the one-cabin version. Anyway, having explained that, let’s look at the rest of it.

Galley is over on this side [starboard] and the gas cooker is underneath that [drop-down counter top] which lifts up. Load of stuff on here [drop-down counter top], so it’s not going to lift up very easily, but this is going to give you an idea. Gas hob and sink is in there [under the drop-down counter top]. 

And then this [middle overhead storage] is probably… [Nick attempts to open the storage]. How does that open? Oh, it doesn’t. It’s an extractor fan. [Nick Laughs]. There we go. [Opens the left overhead storage]. Okay, so that one does… [Nick attempts to open the middle overhead storage again]. Ah, there we are. You just need to pull the right bit. I was pulling on this down here. Marvellous! Alright, let’s press on.

Drawer fridge is down here [under the saloon seating], and then seating around this side [port], big opening window on here [port]. And this is the helm position with that side door [starboard] that we saw. So you can literally come from the pontoon straight in through that. That is a very useful feature. And then we’ve got the sliding roofs up above, so you can have those open for a bit more ventilation. You’ve got more light coming through those, or you can close those off because there are bug screens that come across and no doubt there’s also night screens. Single engine on this one. We’ve got bow and stern thrusters, which makes life an awful lot easier.


And then let’s head on down to the lower deck, so this one has the heads here [starboard] with the shower, but it is the two-cabin version. So you’ve got a second cabin [port] there with a double bed, and then a bit of storage in here [next to the bed]. If I read that brochure correctly, you can swap that [second cabin] out for, I’m guessing, a toilet on one side and a shower on the other. That was my understanding of that.

And then forward here [forward cabin], you have got a double bed, but actually, these look like they’re split. So you can split these [bed] in half and have two singles in here if you prefer. It just depends on how you get on with your other half, doesn’t it? Big hull windows [starboard of bed], all very splendid. There’s also more storage here [next to the hull windows].


Okay, motive power then. Well, that’s back here [main deck]. If you lift that hatch up, we’ll find another hatch underneath. And this is because, of course, if you had the open version, well then you wouldn’t have this flooring in here. Let’s put that there so it won’t slide. And then double round and lift that one, it should take us down to the engine. [Opens the hatch but finds no engine] Yeah, indeed it does, doesn’t it? [Nick laughs].

“It has a 100-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, giving the boat a flat-out speed of about 9 knots.”

Let’s just bring that one [deck] right back and try this one. Okay, this is easier with two hands, but nonetheless, we’ve done it. Let’s open that one [second hatch], and there it is. 100 horsepower Yanmar diesel. It’s giving the boat about 9 knots flat out, but it’s really designed for a kind of river-friendly, three or four, five, six, seven knots, that sort of area. The speed limit on motion is about four or five knots anyway, so that is pretty much optimal for that. That’s the hot water tank down there next to it. Range on this one, I’m going to guess probably about 250-300 miles, I would suspect.


Right, a quick turn around the decks, I suppose, is what we ought to do next, isn’t it? Let me get my shoes. There we go.

Nice side decks on this. Look how deep these are. So we’ll wander up here [foredeck]. That door [side access door] is open at the minute. Obviously, with that closed, it makes life a little bit easier to get around. So let’s just do that. There we are.


Head up onto the bow. Stand up here [bow] and say a massive thanks, of course, to you guys for watching. Let me know what you think of that one, and we’ll catch you on another one of these real soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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