Axopar 28 T-top – Full Walkthrough & Test Drive with Dan Jones

Let’s go for a burn!

Dan Jones – The Boat Brokerage

G’day and welcome back to another fun and hopefully informative video on this sweet little Axopar 28 t-top we have for sale. I had to wear my red jacket for this given the sexy blue hull and you too will feel great sending it across choppy waters in superb comfort with your mates. I just love these Axopar hulls so much it’s hard to put it into words so grab a cold beer or make yourself a cuppa and sit through the next 30mins of Axopar’ing with me.

Dan Jones is an experienced Boat Broker who has endless energy and a passion for all things boating. Dan has been selling boats since the early 2000s, founding The Boat Brokerage in 2011. His drive and commitment to getting more people on the water is evident as soon as you meet. In Dan’s words “Getting up in the morning is easy when you love what you do.

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