2017 Prestige 68 Review By Aquaholic

A Fantastic High Performance Sportsboat”


This is a 2017 68-foot Prestige, and these are always really interesting in terms of the layout. So, I’m going to take you inside first of all and show you that. We’re on the platform at the minute, the bathing platform. This is a high-low platform, so this will sink into the water. You can float your tender onto here [bathing platform], lift it up, and that’s where your tender lives. And what’s nice is, as it drops in, these [integrated steps] turn into steps as it goes down, steps down into the water, which is rather lovely. Let’s head up this way first of all.

We’re taking this cockpit, that’s a really good size, and I think I’m right in saying there’s a blind [cockpit cover] that will come down these tracks. So, if you stern to berth, you’ve got a bit of privacy from the quay, so that’s a nice feature. Nice seating area there, got a TV in this one as well for the cockpit. But come and check out this interior. These are always very interestingly laid out, and this is no exception.


So, the first thing that greets us is the galley, that’s back here on the port side. You’ve got a little island there as well, fridge freezer, dishwasher, cooking obviously, sinks and so forth.

And you’ve got this nice little snug area here [aft starboard], really just beside the door. It’s a great place to sit because you’ve got the view straight out across the back of the boat, but you’re inside, obviously, in the air-conditioned area or heated area, depending on when you’re using the boat.

And then, if we head forward, we’ve got this really nice big saloon area. Now, the table will unfold so you can make it much larger for dining or keep it folded up as it is now. If it’s a coffee table, you can adjust the height of it as well to suit yourself. And there are two entrances. There’s one entrance down here [starboard of the saloon], and there’s another entrance up there [forward port side of the saloon], both to the lower deck. We’re going to look at both of those, and I think we will start with this one [starboard of the saloon].


This is the guest accommodation. So, if we come down here, we will discover this passageway, and there are two cabins, both twins like this. So this one [starboard cabin] got plenty of storage about the place, hanging rail, there’s storage around here. They like their cushions on this one, don’t they? Wow! But yeah, nice cabin, good headroom, plenty of space, and that is mirrored if we go a little bit further by this one [starboard cabin next door]. Very, very similar, adult-sized beds but, of course, brilliant for kids as well. Very nice indeed! And these share the day heads. So this is where the day heads live [forward door when facing the passageway from the stairways]. And at night, both of these cabins would use this fellow, so toilet, the sink, and the shower.

“This boat has a total of 3 guest cabins, 1 crew cabin with 2 single beds, and a very palatial owner’s cabin located on the lower deck.”

But there’s more to this area than just that because if we spin on round and head this way, there’s another doorway. And if you look in here [port cabin], you might be quite surprised to find it’s full of this. [Nick shows a view of the port cabin] How cool is that? That is a really nice-sized cabin. In fact, if you came across this one first, you’d assume that this was the owner’s cabin, but it isn’t because there’s another one further forward, but certainly a very, very good VIP.

We’ve got a little dressing area around here [port bedside]. There’s a seat that pulls out that’s got the mirror on it. Hanging lockers obviously about the place like this [wardrobe on port bedside]. A few more cushions just in case you’re running short, AV equipment in here [across the bed], and then the en-suite to this one lives over here [starboard bedside], loo’s in here, the sink, and a rather nice shower.

So that, as I say, is a fairly comprehensive lower deck accommodation, but it’s not the only lower deck accommodation. Let’s head forward, and I’ll show you some more.

So, we’ll back up these stairs because the switch panel for the boat, I’m sorry—the engine batteries, genset batteries, house batteries, all that kind of stuff, are easy to reach, that’s right there [near the stairs].

And we’ll come right on round. [Nick shows a view of the main deck] That’s a nice place to come up to, isn’t it? Helm positions are up here [forward starboard on the main deck]. There’s also a door out onto the outside [starboard of the helm]. And that’s your lower helm. So, there’s a drop seat there; you can either lean against that or drop it down to make seating. And you’ve got your Raymarine screens, three of them across. IPS controller is on this one, throttle controls, of course, the autopilot, and the retractable TV lives here [in between the helm and the port lower deck staircase].


And then this is the other staircase that I was talking about. So, if you come around here and head on down, this then is, in fact, the owner’s cabin. Look at that. That is pretty palatial, isn’t it? And it’s nice because it has its own separate entrance. You do feel like there’s a nice private spot in the boat, which, let’s face it, if you paid for it, you deserve it.

These [overhead blinds] are blinds because we are under the foredeck here. Let me figure out how to open this thing. [attempts to open the blinds.] Okay, I think they might actually be powered, so I won’t fiddle around with them too much. [Nick laughs] But yeah, basically, there are glass panels behind there, and so that gives you plenty of natural light if you want it. We can close it off as we have it now.

“The owner’s cabin has its own separate entrance, creating a nice private spot on the boat that you would truly appreciate.”

There’s storage all the way around the outside. We’ve got a nice little dressing table up here [across the cabin door]. Great place to work as well, put your laptop on there [table], and away you go. And then up here [wardrobe mirror] is a rather nice walk-in wardrobe with a fairly hefty pair of binoculars. Brilliant!

Ensuite, of course, that’s in here [starboard of walk-in closet]. So, you’ve got your loo, you’ve got your sink, you’ve got your mirror, you’ve got your wave, and you’ve got your shower. Brilliant!

Let’s come back out of here. I love this little shade along here [port bedside] as well, right next to the window. You can sit there, you’ve got your view, read a book, tuck yourself away. Impressive, huh? Okay, that is the interior.


Let’s go and have a look around the outside. [Nick shows a view of the main deck] That is impressive, isn’t it? These are all speakers up here [main deck overhead]. These little white fellas dotted around the place, that is a surround sound speaker system by Bose. Very nice!

Okay, we’ll wander back. We will take a turn around the decks. We’ll have a look at the flybridge, and then we’ll go and take in the crew cabin and the engine space.

Over here [hatch below the cockpit TV] is a stern docking station, so there’s a bow thruster control and the IPS joystick to control the engines. We’ve got boarding gates on the side [starboard] reveal alongside a dock, and then this will take us forward. That’s the side door that I mentioned just behind the helm. It’s very useful for ventilation or as a way of getting out of here [fore deck] without going all the way to the back and then forward. And then there are sun pads on the front, and there’s a nice little seat up here too, along with more speakers. Somebody really likes their music. Fantastic! That’s how she looks from here [bow angle]. Let’s go and take in that flybridge, and then I will show you the engine space.

We have video of this flying ship here [next to the Prestige] and the one next to it, so they are either on the channel or coming. We’re having a good day with Denison Yachts today; they are doing a lot of videoing at the Miami Yacht Show.

I like these rails that they put in here [windows]; they are very helpful when you’re walking around. Although it’s actually pretty deep here, you do feel very secure as you come down the side of the boat.


These stairs will take us up to the flybridge. We have seating here [port side], the bar [starboard side]. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there [Nick points at the covers hanging above the dining area]. Oh! The TV is underneath there, and that’s just protecting it. [Nick laughs] I was wondering why there was a seat hanging in the air, but no, it’s actually designed to match the seats and serve as a cover for the television.

There’s seating back here [dining area at aft], so a great dining spot, and if you come on around, you can sense the size of this. Hard top on this one. As you can see, there’s an opening section in there. The bar area is over on this side [starboard side]. Sorry about the noise, that’s planes buzzing around, pulling banners. So we got a sink underneath there, barbecue, ice maker, and the fridge.

“The flybridge has a hard top and a pleasant seating area with a TV, dining area, a bar with a sink, a barbecue, an ice maker, and a fridge underneath, as well as a helm station and sunbeds.”

And what they’ve done with this is this seat here [helm seat], you can reverse the backrest like that. So if you want to sit facing backwards when the boat’s stationary, you’re increasing the size of this. When you’re underway, of course, you’ve got a really great helm seat and another one next to it. So a lot of people can sit here when the boat’s underway. This would normally be an owner-operator boat. You wouldn’t normally have crew with this, although you can do because it does have a small crew cabin. But yeah, this, for an owner-operator boat, is brilliant because everybody can be here together. We’ve got sun beds up here as well. It’s just a really nice spot when the boat’s underway.

The twin Raymarine screens again, the autopilot repeat is up here, steering, throttles, IPS, the usual drill. And that’s the hardtop with that opening section. So that is that. Let’s wander back down, and we’ll find the engines for you. And say, I’m pretty sure there’s a crew space as well.


Okay, so we’re back down to the afterdeck. We’re gonna open this one [transom door], and then in we go. So what we’ve got here [port side] is two single beds in there, nice little cabin, actually. Got a window in there as well, lighting, obviously storage, that kind of stuff in there. And across the passageway is the heads, and that has a shower that pulls out like a wet room. What’s great about this is it makes a brilliant day heads when people are in the water swimming. You know, this is a really popular zone on the back of the boat when it’s stationary at your anchor. So you can pop in here for a shower easily or whatever, without going up and through and into the cabin. The laundry facilities are in here as well and then this one [engine access door in the middle] will take us into the engine compartment.


I mentioned she’s IPS drive. There’s a pair of IPS 1200 engines in here. These are 900 horsepower each and they’re giving the boat about probably 30 knots flat out, but cruising in the mid-20s. I don’t have the range figures on this one. I’m going to make a stab in the dark and say they usually put this on about 250 miles at fast cruising speed. You can probably triple that at the space and speeds, but as I say, I don’t actually have the figures in hand, so check if you need to be certain, but you ought to be in that sort of order.

“She has a pair of IPS 1200 engines, each with 900 horsepower, and they’re giving the boat a top speed of about 30 knots.”

We’ve got a generator down here as well. Also, got a Seakeeper Stabilisation unit in the centre, so that’s a nice thing to have. There’s a fuel tank outboard, fuel filters, all that kind of stuff, all tucked away in there.

And that ladder there [inside the engine room] is directly up into the cockpit, so you don’t need to come down to the bathing platform to get into here. You can drop down from the cockpit straight in, or of course, it’s another route out. Fantastic!


Okay, let’s come back out of here because I think we’ve done that one justice. Let’s close that [engine access door] behind me and come out of here [afterdeck]. We’ll lift that one closed [transom door], and I will finish up on the aft deck by saying massive thanks to Denison Yachts, so they’ve got this one listed for sale. I’ll put a link to these guys in the description. Huge thanks as ever to you all for watching. Let me know what you think of that one, and we’ll catch you another one of these real soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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