2021 Riva Folgore 88 Review By Aquaholic

“An Absolutely Gorgeous Sports Yacht”


This is a Riva 88 Folgore, and it is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! It’s a 2021 model. We’re not seeing its best angle here because we’re at a boat show. Of course, it’s squeezed in with everything else. But when you see these things out on the water, they are just gorgeous, especially in this stunning metallic silver finish. I’ll overlay a couple of photographs, and hopefully, you’ll be able to see.


Now, it’s an access-all-areas tour, as ever, except for a tender garage because we’re so close to the Pontoon with lines crisscrossing. We can’t get that up at the minute. But it’ll take a rib in there and a jet ski. Obviously, the back door lifts up, and they slide out and into the water. But we’re going to show you absolutely everything else, and it is stunning.

This metallic silver, you can see, it’s not just on the hull. It’s everywhere. It’s all around here [cockpit], and it’s offset with this black finish up here [cockpit roof]. It just looks incredible, again, with this lovely stitched upholstery around here [cockpit], the high-gloss woodwork, the stainless steel. It’s a Riva, it’s what they do, and they do it really, really well. 


Let’s head on inside. The bar area is here [across the cockpit seating area]. As you can see, you could obviously put a couple of bar stools there if you wanted to. And then this has got your usual sink and ice maker and that kind of stuff just there. That there [access door], we’ll come back to. I’ll show you that from the other side because that’s quite interesting.

But this [saloon], I think, is where it gets incredible. It’s Italian styling at its best, and that is just gorgeous, high-gloss woodwork on this one. But what’s great is they’ve not gone mad with it. It’s all kind of subtle accents against light finishes, the floor, the upholstery. Then you’ve got the black and then the very light head-linings, and the contrast that that gives is amazing. It’s a work of art. It really is a very, very beautiful area to be in. That is properly impressive.

“It’s Italian styling at its best.”

If you come back over here [main entrance], and I’ll show you this side [saloon seating on starboard]. But what’s nice is, it’s still a very comfortable relaxing space. You can imagine yourself sitting around here with your friends, feet up on the table, having a laugh. But what a place to do it, and the feeling of space in here is fantastic.

Let’s press on forward. The dining area is here [forward port side of the saloon seating area], as I’m sure you’ve worked out for yourself. We’ve got a wine cooler. We’ve got a side access door over here [starboard]. And then the helm is here as well [forward starboard side]. We’ve got lift bolster seats. So they drop down like that. And then here, we’ve got the usual multi-function displays for navigation and engine instrumentation. The operating system for the boat is here as well. Engine controls, Xenta joystick on this one. So you’ve got joystick docking, Autopilot, all that kind of stuff, is all controlled from there. And even this [buttons], look at the way they’ve done this with this all engraved within the stainless steel. It just looks properly smart, doesn’t it? And then you got a view out across the foredeck like so. And this, of course, is all low glare, and blinds that come back.


Okay, let’s head on down to the lower deck and work our way through. As I say, it’s a full tour, so we’re going into every area. And I think what we’ll do is come down into this gorgeous corridor and head right to the front and work our way back. So, this is the VIP guest cabin, again, the detailing, like this kind of like a leather-stitched finish on here [wardrobes]. And then these beautiful stainless steel handles. And even the woodwork on the inside is special. It even smells divine. It really does smell nice in here. Again, these beautiful finishes. I love the contrast with the dark and then the light panels in it. That’s fantastic! More storage over on this side [across the port wardrobe]. We’ve got AV equipment in here [across the bed] as well, of course. And there is, as you’d expect on a yacht of this caliber, an ensuite. And that is in here [next to the cabin door] . So, the toilet’s there, basin, and then a very nice separate shower area with a rain shower. Brilliant! Okay, that is cabin 2, isn’t it? If we count the owner’s cabin as cabin 1 and work our way down.

If we come back here [main passageway], cabin 3. How nice is that? There’s just a trace of flicker there. That’s not there in real life. That’s just the GoPro messing about. Very similar deal again with these light fabrics, the polished wood, the leather panels and the stitching. Perfect. Their’s hanging lockers, of course. It’s nicely done, isn’t it? Over here [starboard of the bed] is this cabin’s ensuite. So, the head’s there, the basin, the shower, and so forth.

And then we can come out of here [main passageway]. This is air conditioning controls here [next to the cabin door], so you can obviously climate control everywhere separately. This one [second door on the starboard side from the stairway] then is a day heads with a shower. And you’ll notice on this one, there’s a door here [starboard], and that’s because that one is also ensuite to cabin 4. That’s this one [first door on the starboard side from the stairway]. All really good-sized cabins, as you’d hope, obviously, on a boat this size and caliber. And there’s headroom right the way through. They just feel really nice. Wardrobes here [port of the cabin 4 door], and that [door next to the wardrobe] is the one we were just looking at [day heads]. That’s the door back out onto the main passageway, fantastic.

And then finally, owner’s cabin. That’s in this one [first door on the port side from the stairway], and this, as you’d hope, is pretty spectacular. I love these wide steps as you come into here, and then this massive area here. Just, it’s a huge footprint. It gives an incredible feeling of luxury and space. As you come in, that bed almost looks small, but it’s not small. It’s just a really big room. Big windows, as you can see. There are blinds, of course, to drop down over those. AV equipment in here [across the bed], storage all the way along there [below the window], and if we swing on around, then this one is a big walk-in wardrobe. Look at that. Hanging rails across, and drawers down there [under the mirror]. All very, very lovely, isn’t it?

“It has 4 cabins, including the owner’s cabin, plus 2 crew cabins with wardrobes, storage, and ensuite facilities.”

More storage down here [starboard side of the owner’s cabin]. Obviously, I’m not going to open it all ’cause we’d be here all day but that is just to give you an idea. And the ensuite, then, is back here [next to the bed]. Now, there is a sliding door that comes across here. You can see it’s a pocket door that slides over there. We’ve got the shower down this end [port]. Very nice size. Love this marble finish on here. That looks great. You’ve got the twin basins. And then we come up to the other end [starboard], the toilet. Pretty cool, huh? Very, very nice indeed! They put a darker headlining over here above the bed, so it’s a bit cosier. And then kept the other side nice and bright. A lot of thought going into this one.

Okay, back up. It’s quite a grand entrance with these steps here, isn’t it? Come back up, back round. And if we come on back through the saloon, down here is the crew area. So what you will find first of all is the galley, like so. So we’ve got the hob, we’ve got the oven. Got a lot of refrigeration over here. And then this door here [starboard side] takes us into the crew area. So in here, there’s laundry facilities first of all. Engine access [next to the laundry], of course we’ll look at that in a moment. Some of the major switch gears are in here, the circuit breakers, and so on. And then there are two crew cabins. This one [first crew cabin] is with bunks and a wardrobe. And the ensuite to this is in here [starboard], like so. There’s a shower, of course. And if we reverse out of that one, this [second crew cabin] is a similar kind of deal. So bunks, wardrobe, and then sink, the loo, and the shower in the ceiling. Very good.

So that’s that. Let’s take a look at the engines. In fact, let’s take a look here [stairs next to the major switch gears], as well. Remember when I was in the cockpit, we were by the bar, and I said that area there, I’m going to show you the other side of that. Well, this is direct access straight up and out to the cockpit, and that’s the door that we saw. So that’s straight out where that bar area is. So it gives crew access directly out to the outside of the boat. They don’t need to go through the cabins if they don’t want to.


Engines, then they’re in here [next to the laundry]. So what you’re looking at here is a pair of MTU engines. They are MTU 16v 2000s. They give the boat mid-30s, I think about 36 knots if I remember rightly. So she’ll cruise at 30. So she’s a fast boat for a near 90ft boat. That is tramping on. Range at that sort of speed, is 350 miles. That’s, you know, traveling at high speed. As ever, drop the speed back to displacement speeds, you’ll get double, maybe triple that. Just depends how you want to run the boat.

“She’s equipped with a pair of MTU 16v 2000s, giving the boat a speed of about 36 knots.”

Generator here [port], generator here [starboard]. We’ve got emergency access straight up to the cockpit from here as well. But yeah, nice clean, well-ordered engine room, isn’t it? There’s massive exhaust systems, workbench down there and so forth. And that is the tender garage. So that’s where the tender lives, obviously. Very nice. Let’s take a wander around the decks, and then I think we’ll call that a pretty good job.

We go back out to the galley and up. Take a last lingering look at that area [saloon] because it’s sensational, basically. And then we’ll go on the outside. So yeah, that’s that access and that second stairwell comes out here [bar area].


Okay, I think flybridge next. Now what they’ve done is kept this deliberately very low profile because it is a very sports coupe-style of boat. And so the idea of this is that it keeps the look of the boat very low profile. You don’t get a great big flybridge stuck on top. This pretty much disappears from view. Not similar to the one next to it. You can see they’ve done a similar sort of deal. That’s a slightly smaller one, another Riva. And again, they kept that very low profile.

Helm position is here [forward], Oh, that’s a meaty feeling steering. That’s nice. Engine controls, thruster controls, the multifunction displays. But what you do get here, of course, is a terrific view out across the bow. Let’s keep going. That [helm seat backrest] will tilt the other way. So if you want to use this for seating all around, you can do. In fact, it’s a pretty decent area up here, really. Considering this is very much a sport-style boat, you really do get quite a generous extra space here. Let’s carry on, shall we?

So we’ll come down, we’ll loop round, and we’ll head up this way [starboard deck]. I mentioned that side door, and that comes out here [starboard deck]. That’s this one, so that gives you access through. Also very nice for a bit of airflow, of course. Look at this massive screen across here [windshield], just vast. And then you got another great area up here [foredeck]. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Very, very relaxing. And then sunbathing right up here on the bow. And if we come right up and take a look back, I think you’ll agree that is a very, very cool looking boat. Just fantastic!


So there we go. I’m going to come right up here onto the bow. I’m going to say a massive thanks to Allied Marine. They organised it all. They got this one for sale, and I’ll put a link to those guys in the description. Huge thanks as ever, of course, to you all for watching. Let me know what you think of that, and we’ll catch you on another one of these real soon. Take care. Bye.

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