2009 Azimut 85 Review by Aquaholic

“Timeless Italian Elegance”


This is an Azimut 85. It’s a 2009, and it’s very typically Italian of that era with a beautiful sweeping styling all the way back. It’s a great-looking boat, and it’s a great interior on this one, actually. In fact, when you get on board of this, it’s hard to remember that it is 85 feet because it feels huge. It’s a really good accommodation. So, we’re going to take the full tour on this one, and I’m going to demonstrate that to you. I’m also going to show you crew areas, engine spaces, deck areas, and flybridge.

So, we’re starting right back here with this cockpit area. Big overhang for plenty of shade, lovely seating area around the back looking out across the water—absolutely fantastic! We’ve got access up to the flybridge just there [starboard cockpit], we’ve got side decks. We’re going to do all of that.


But first of all, I want to show you this interior because this is pretty special. Check this out. Look at that [saloon area]. Now, a lot of Azimuts of this era have the very shiny gloss wood, which I must confess I quite like, but it is a bit dated now, and I will grant you that. But this doesn’t. This has the matte finish, the dark matte, and this has become really popular now. So actually, this is pretty contemporary, especially with all the light upholstery in it, which just sort of offsets the colour a little bit. I think that looks great. Looks really nice, a very casual vibe to it, nice big sofas, that’s lovely.

“Although Azimuts of this era typically have very shiny gloss wood and are a bit dated, this one doesn’t. It features a dark matte finish, which has become really popular now.”

We’ve got a dining table up here. And again, you’ve got that sort of casual feel of the fact that it’s offset. It’s not just straight across or straight down that way. It’s just so nice and casually placed there. And it’s right next to the galley.

The galley is in the centre of the boat on this one, or centre of the main deck. So if we go up through here [centre of the main deck] , we have got a day heads on the main deck, and then we’ve got the galley here [next to the day heads], which looks like it’s flickering but isn’t in real life. That’s just the GoPro messing around a little bit with the LEDs. But yeah, check this out. It’s a decent size, isn’t it? A lot of stainless steel going on in here, big serious cooking, big serious sinks. This is a place of cooking business, isn’t it? You’ve got refrigeration there [next to the dishwasher], we’ve got access straight out onto the side decks as well from here [next to the refrigerator], a lot of storage throughout the place.

That is a nice area, and I think I’m right in saying you can close this off [galley pass-through window] because it looks like these are lift sections here—almost certainly they are. So if you want to have this as a crew boat and have this as a separate zone, you can do. If you’re an owner-operator, you want a bit of chat with people or whatever else, or you know, even if you’ve got a crew and you just want to keep it open, then of course you can do.

Let’s come out of here. You’ll notice there’s an entrance down here [next to the day heads]. This is pretty cool, but we’re going to head forward first of all, past the wine cooler, another side access door, and then there’s another great social zone up here [forward helm seating area]. So it’s a little informal area, great place to have a coffee in the morning, sit and chill out. Just another nice zone on the boat. And the helm position is up here as well. So we’ve got the helm seats, of course, the wheel, we’ve got the multi-function displays. Bow and stern thruster on this one, very helpful. Superb.


Let’s head forward. This is your guest accommodation down here, so the other stairway we saw was for the owner’s cabin, but this is all guest areas. So we go forward first of all, we’ll find the VIP cabin. Vastly again, we’re getting that flickering. It’s a little bit annoying; not much I can do about that. But I say that is not visible in real life.

If we come over here [foot of the bed], you can see just how much space there is. There’s a lovely big footprint to this one. We’ve got wardrobes dotted around in places like this [each side of the cabin], drawers underneath, nice little dressing area, another storage area just there. And of course, it’s got an ensuite, so if you go over here [port side of the bed], that [sink] is in there, and we’ve got the shower in there as well, of course. Cool. Let’s pull back a little bit over here, [Nick pauses to capture a view of the cabin] take that in. Is that flickering gonna stop? No, it’s not. [Nick Laughs] Okay, let’s press on.

Two more cabins back here [lower deck]. These are all really good size cabins. We’ve got a double berth over in this one [port cabin]. And again, with the wardrobe and the drawers underneath, and again, of course, with the ensuite. And there’s a shower in there. Very nice.

And if we cut across to the other side, we’ll find a similar thing, except for the fact that this one [starboard cabin] has got twin beds in it. There you go, the AV equipment, the wardrobes, and a similar deal in here [ensuite]. It’s crazy, isn’t it? And the shower is in again through there. So that is that.


Let’s loop on around because I want to show you that separate owner’s area. I’m going to come back through the saloon. That does look good, doesn’t it? And then this is the stairway that drops us down to the owner’s domain [stairway next to the day heads]. So this is a completely separate entrance to a completely separate cabin. And check that out. That’s pretty spectacular, isn’t it? Very nice! LED lighting in the ceiling, again with a big footprint, a lot of floor space in here. Wardrobes are here [port of the TV], storage is here [port bedside], ensuite is here [port bedside]. There we go. We’ve got the loo in behind here, and we’ve got the shower in here. Fantastic!

“She has three guest cabins, two crew cabins, and one owner’s cabin, each equipped with storage, and ensuite facilities.”

Okay, let’s back up and let’s head on around [starboard bed] because I saw another doorway I’m trying to suspect as a walk-in closet, and you would see if I’m right, there we go. That’s for all your clothes and bits and pieces. Superb! Okay, that’s that one. Let’s just pause there for a moment, [Nick pauses to capture a view of the owner’s cabin] take that one in, and then we’ll press on a bit further.

So we’ve got deck areas to look at, we’ve got flybridge to look at, we’ve got engines to look at. [Nick shows the view of the main deck] But you see what I mean, that feels such a big boat, doesn’t it? I’d say that feels bigger than 85 feet, obviously it isn’t, but it does have that sense to it.


Okay, back out of here [cockpit], back into the Florida sunshine. We’re down in Miami at the moment, and we will head across [foredeck] and round. Love these big overhangs. Let’s head on this side [port side deck] first of all. We’ll come across the door that we saw on the inside, that’s here. Big boat to walk around, isn’t it? And then up here on the bow, we’ve got a really nice seating area for sunbathing. These are speakers here [near the sun beds]. It could be blasting, wouldn’t it? The anchor handling kit, of course, we come right up to the very front, and that’s how she looks from here [bow angle].

We’ll continue looping on round, check out the Miami Skyline. Pretty cool. That’s the door [starboard access door] that’s next to the galley. That noise is an airplane buzzing around above us. I can’t do much about that, I’m afraid. It’s not quiet, I can tell you that much.


And if you come around here [flybridge stairs], this will take us up to a similarly large flybridge. Look at that, we’ve got the hard top on this one. It has a big opening section within it. If we come right up here [starboard side], the bar area is here. We’ve got dining over here [port side]. I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying we can put a centrepiece into there to make that into a great big table if you prefer. Sunbathing [located forward of the dining area], obviously. And then the upper helm position [located at the starboard side of the flybridge, next to the sunbathing area] is being protected at the minute by these screens just here, and that [the foredeck view from the flybridge] is where we just walked around the front. Very nice! Again, with the big speakers [hardtop-mounted].

And you’ll notice there’s a crane up here [flybridge aft] because that wasn’t a high-low bathing platform that we’ve walked on when we came on the boat, which is what’s popular these days. What this has is dinghy storage back here [flybridge aft]. In fact, it looks like it’s a place for a couple of jet skis, so you could obviously use that however you wish. There’s a big crane there so you can pick up and put on there whatever suits you. So that is that.

” There’s a crane on the flybridge that you can use to lift and position a dinghy for storage or a couple of jet skis, whatever suits you.”

On top of that [hardtop] is the usual kind of satellite domes, radar nav lights, all that kind of stuff up on the top, searchlights and so forth. We’re going to come around. It’s a busy boat, this one, so we’re going to keep moving because we have it to ourselves at the minute, so I want to take full advantage of that.


We’ll head back down this way, back onto the bathing platform, and then this will take us into the crew area. Now, this boat doesn’t run with an onboard crew, as it were. There’s nobody staying on board of it, so the crew cabins are being used for storage, which is why when we open this one [port side cabin], we’ll find it full of stuff. But you’ve got two beds in there, you’ve got a hanging locker in there as well. There is a toilet down here [next to the starboard cabin], showers in there as well, it’s like a wet room. And then that one [starboard side locker] is just storage, masses of storage from there. And if you come around here [next to the starboard side cabin], there’s a stairway that takes you back up to the side deck, so you don’t have to come down to the bathing platform to get into this area. And then there’s another crew cabin here [next to the starboard side locker]. This is what I mean, it’s all used for storage at the minute, but you have got the two berths in there as well.


And the last thing to look at is the engines [located in the middle of the crew area]. Pair of big CATS in here. I should just point out laundry facilities are down here [near the engine access door] as well. That’s where those live but yeah, big Caterpillar diesels in here.

C32 Acerts, they are the real deal. You find these on a lot of really big boats. They’re 1,800 horsepower each. They’re giving the boat up toward 30 knots, it’s high 20s. So you know about 28, cruising about 24, and a range of about 350 miles at that sort of speed. Obviously, as ever, you could drop this off the plane and cruise at the displacement speeds. You will probably triple that, take it up past a thousand miles. But yeah, it depends on how you want to use the boat.

“She has a pair of big CATS in here, C32 Acerts, 1,800 horsepower each, giving the boat towards speeds of up to 30 knots.”

Generators live down here as well. Of course, there’s one here [port side], there’s one on the other side [starboard side]. We’ve got the electrical panels across the forward bulkhead, and the other generator lives over there. Cool, huh? Right, let’s head on back out of here, back through the crew area, back onto the aft deck.


You can put, I think I’m right in saying, a tender on here [bathing platform] because it looks like it’s got the points for the trucks, but you lift it on off of that crane rather than lowering the platform. I think that’s how that works. You need to check, but I’m pretty certain.

And that, as they say, is about the size of that. That is that 85 foot Azimut. Massive thanks to Denison Yachting. They organised this tour. Huge thanks, as ever, to you guys for watching. Let me know what you think of that one, and we’ll catch you on one of these real soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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